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     Genuine Creative is a media production company that specializes in using visual creative content to bring a client's vision to life. In the digital age, nothing connects your brand to your audience more than using high quality visual content to share your authentic story. Whether you need Videography, Photography, Drone Footage, or Multi-Camera Live Streaming, we have got you covered!



     Roy "P.J." Hayle has been working in professional media and broadcast production for nearly a decade. After graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Radio/Television Production, P.J. began freelancing full-time in the production industry as a Camera Operator, Replay Operator, Technical Director, and Director. He has gained years of professional experience at the highest level of live media production working for companies like the Orlando Magic, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Golf Channel, ESPN, NFL Pro Bowl, and many more. He started doing projects for clients such as music videos, event coverage, drone work, weddings, commercials, documentaries, photoshoots, etc. and eventually turned this side hustle into an actual company.

      Genuine Creative LLC was established in 2018. Our vision is to provide professional quality media production to brands and companies of all sizes. With the network of media professionals as well as his own skills and certifications (FAA licensed Drone Pilot), P.J. and the Genuine Creative team will go above and beyond to provide clients with top tier professional service.

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